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In Deep Devotion

Corporate identity design

In Deep Devotion is a luxury organic collection of skincare products and fragrances. All products are 100% natural and intimately crafted from organic wild harvested ingredients. They source from small farms and co-operatives practicing ethical, sustainable and biodynamic principles. In Deep Devotion encourages healing self care rituals that embody compassion and love.


In Deep Devotion to your Highest Self, Mother Earth and the Source of all Life.

The identity and packaging design reflects these purist properties whilst representing a brand that is of utmost premium standard, paying respect to your body, to the earth and the divine source. The three circles in the icon represent the three elements of Self, Earth and Source. The golden line is where the elements come together and connect to form one. The symmetry and circles in the icon reference sacred geometry and ancient rituals. The packaging is pure, premium and honest. 

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