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Corporate identity design

The Libryo platform enables any person, working in any organisation, to understand the legal obligations in any situation. Whereas law and regulations are traditionally complex and difficult to understand, Libryo removes the legal jargon, making information easy to understand and accessible to the user. Libryo filters through the clutter so that you need to deal only with the legal information that is relevant to your company. Libryo gives a company knowledge, freedom and confidence. Libryo delights and empowers. Using cutting-edge technology, their online platform is simple and easy to use; a breath of fresh air. 


The challenge was to create a unique identity for the Libryo brand. As Libryo deals with law and large organisations they need to appear professional and taken seriously. At the same time, they move away from the norm and approach things differently. Using the latest technology, they make sure their platform is relevant and easy to use. Therefore while the Libryo brand needs to be credible, it also needs to be edgy, unique and forward-thinking. The overall identity should be bold, simple, fresh and unexpected. 

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