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Sanlam - The Sun Met

Event identity design

- Agency: King James CT / Creative director: Graeme McCree

This year's theme for South Africa's most prestigious horse-racing event, The Sun Met, was 'Fashion through the Decades'. The theme highlights and celebrates fashion and fashion designers throughout history to current day, from vintage to modern, daring to classic. 


As a leading financial services group, Sanlam recognises that building wealth requires as much patience and attention to detail as it does in fashion and art. We created an identity for this year's event that celebrates fashion and fashion designers throughout the decades by highlighting specific prominent designers and styles. Beautiful hand-painted ink illustrations were created that reflect these specific stories throughout time. Along with ink illustrations, charcoal sketches, handwritten notes and inspirational cut-outs were combined to create layouts that are reminiscent of a designer's pin-board - with personal inspirational collections and sketches. The blue ink represents the Sanlam brand colours. Guests received beautiful welcome packs where the messaging was portrayed on a giant tape measure that folded out. The numbers on the tape measure represented the decades of fashion and acted as a timeline, telling beautiful and intriguing fashion stories throughout the years. 

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