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Sanlam - Handmade Contemporary Fair

Event identity design

- Agency: King James CT / Creative director: Graeme McCree

Once a year, South Africa's top artisans come together to showcase their products at The Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair in Johannesburg. This event boasts the best in South African food, wine and design. The rooftop of Hyde Park Corner shopping centre is transformed from a concrete slab into a wonderland. This year's featured designer, Chu Suwannapha, is well known in the fashion industry as ‘the prince of prints’. His vibrant bold prints inspired the look for this year's fair. 


The look for the campaign incorporates bold black and white graphic patterns, black and white photography and bright solid colour. The model was photographed wearing and showcasing a range of products from the different designers. The aim was to portray the products in a fresh and fashionable manner. The overall look is bold yet detailed; African yet contemporary.

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